Saturday 8th of November 2014 12.30 p.m. Mending the way

I should not be too personal here, as I am on my own blog at I shall mend my ways and write only of Worldscribe Press affairs. Goodness knows, there enough of them to fill several thick tomes. So no more repeating what is on on the Worldscribe blog!
The position today (the position alters daily) is that it has been decided (at the moment “it” is me, no-one else is making any
decisions at present. Probably why progress is not as rapid as many of us would like it to be. It has been decided to try and recruit more volunteers.) that one of Worldscribe’s numerous objectives (this is beginning to sound like a story by Celine – perhaps because I am presently rereading the Bagatelles) is to print/publish 5 different books in several major languages. And to design and manufacture a Worldscribe book display for use in bookstores and other suitable venues; such as cultural events,centres of learning, etc. We have earnt some money to do this from MSL (a PR company).
Additionally, we have started a free e-book campaign. The first being my own (because I don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission to do this) – a short novel called “Serf”. Only the English version of Serf is being offered free at the moment.
The purpose of the campaign is to harvest reviews for “Serf” that we can use in our own online book shop, other online bookshops and in real bookshops. We have asked people to contribute honest reviews. That is to say so if they don’t like it, hate it, are indifferent to it, don’t thinks it’s too bad, like it quite a lot or love it. And, constructively, why they feel this way about it. These are the best sort of review collections to publish. The genuine kind.

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